Titanium Condensers & Coolers

One of the largest applications for titanium worldwide is in titanium coolers and condensers using saltwater as a tubeside medium. Titanium Fabrication Corp. has been manufacturing solid titanium and titanium clad steel condensers and coolers for refineries, offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, and chemical plants since the early 1970s.

Sizes range from 8” to 96” diameter, with lengths up to 60 ft.

TiFab uses the latest thermal design technologies and licenses available in order to make the exchanger as cost effective as possible. This includes titanium finned tubes to increase effective surface area, rod-baffles to eliminate vibration concerns, etc. TiFab fabricates complete exchangers and can also repair existing exchangers by re-tubing bundles and repairing damaged tubesheets.

TiFab performs all thermal and mechanical design in-house with multiple design software licenses (HTRI, B-Jac, PV-Elite, CodeCalc). Because we design and fabricate with exotic materials such as titanium and zirconium every day, we often present our customers with effective cost and delivery solutions that are not apparent when dealing with other more common materials.

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