Heavy Wall Titanium Clad Equipment

high pressure titanium exchanger
High Pressure Titanium Exchanger
for PTA Plant

TiFab manufactures heavy wall titanium clad equipment for high pressure and high temperature applications. Applications include Autoclaves for pressure acid leaching of metal ores, and Titanium-clad-steel Reactors, Crystallizers, Columns, and Heat Exchangers for the Chemical/Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries.

Thickness can go up to a 5” thick wall on vessels and over a 10” diameter on heat exchanger tubesheets.

Materials of construction:

Titanium to Carbon Steel Explosive Bond

All of our clad equipment is explosion bonded. This method provides a metallurgical bond between the base metal (steel) and the corrosion resistant metal (Ti, Zirc, etc.)

Special fabrication techniques are involved with welding explosion clad materials. Titanium and Zirconium cannot be welded to steel, so the use of a batten strip must be employed to connect pieces of explosion bonded plate together. TiFab has employed these techniques for over 30 years.