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In 1972, the world’s largest producer of titanium at the time Titanium Metals (Timet) spun off its metal fabrication division in to Titanium Fabrication Corporation (TiFab).  Since that day we have been a pioneer in the fabrication of high quality reactive metals and specialty alloy equipment.  The following year in 1973 we opened up our Canadian division Ti Titanium Limited (TiLtd) to serve the budding use of titanium in the pulp in paper industry in Canada.  In 1977 our name was changed to Titanium Industries, and stayed that way until 1995 when we sold off our distribution division along with the name Titanium Industries to go back to our core of fabrication and have been Titanium Fabrication Corp (TiFab) ever since.  Products range from pressure vesselspipe spool fabricationheat exchangers, pump housings, valve bodies, and mixing equipment.  TiFab is the fabricator of choice with qualified procedures for titaniumzirconium, and nickel alloy fabrication and testing for most major oil & gas companieschemical plantspulp mills, and the U.S. Department of Defense.  We have two fabrication facilities (USA & Canada) as well as a Europe/Middle East sales office in the U.K.

TiFab’s work is entirely customized to each specific end user.  Standard products for energy sector include ASME code stamped tanksreactorscolumnsheat exchangerspiping systems, and rotating equipment such as fans and blowers.  For the defense sector we have NAVSEA approved procedures for most specialty alloys welding, machining, and testing including pump casings, impellers, housings, piping systems, sonar equipment, etc.  You can find TiFab products on every U.S. carrier and submarine that has been deployed since 1995.  We also specialize in many unique fabrications like the Titanium frame for the Alvin submarine, a helicopter transportable hyperbaric diver rescue system, manipulator arms for NASA space training programs, equipment and tubular components for offshore and deep well oil and gas production, and even hemispherical heads for the first commercial submarine to go see the Titanic. 

Titanium Fabrication has built solid Titanium and Zirconium welded mechanical equipment weighing nearly 200,000 pounds, over 130 ft in length, over 20 feet in diameter, and has welded sections of 8 inches in thickness.

Titanium Fabrication works closely with equipment manufacturers where Titanium or Zirconium is required for their proprietary equipment. The end user benefits from having his choice of equipment design, with the added assurance of quality workmanship for the reactive metal.  The equipment manufacturer benefits by avoiding the expense needed to develop and maintain Titanium welding and machining capability in his own shop.

Titanium Fabrication and Welding Services


Titanium Fabrication Corporation reopened our comprehensive Metal Service Center in 2002 making its inventory and international purchasing capabilities available to customers who need quick delivery or who can take advantage of special cutting and other preprocessing needs.  We stock and distribute from both our New Jersey and Montreal locations.

Whatever your need, call on Titanium Fabrication Corporation for the highest quality and service.

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