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Titanium & Zirconium Distillation Columns

Distillation is the most widely used separation technique used today in industries such as petrochemical, chemical plant, and natural gas processing. Large distillation columns or distillation towers are constructed to properly house this type of industrial distillation processing. 


TiFab fabricates many types of distillation columns including, but not limited to:

  • Fractional distillation columns
  • Vacuum distillation columns
  • Azeotropic distillation columns
  • Packed distillation columns
  • Titanium columns
  • Zirconium columns
  • Absorption columns
  • Stripping columns for chemical, petrochemical, and gas processing plants.  

A company's distillation process can contribute to more than 50% of the total plant operating costs. TiFab takes this into account by producing custom distillation columns that operate at the most efficient levels possible.  Tifab only uses the highest quality materials when manufacturing their distillation columns and absorption columns.

titanium distillation column


Continuous Operation: Unlike batch processes, distillation columns operate continuously, handling large volumes consistently. This translates to increased production capacity and efficiency, leading to cost savings and higher output.

Separation Specificity: Distillation focuses on differences in the volatility of components, allowing for targeted separation of desired products from impurities or other components. This specificity minimizes unwanted byproducts and improves overall process efficiency.

Established Technology: Distillation is a well-developed technology with mature design principles and readily available equipment. This ease of implementation and operation lowers barriers to entry and simplifies maintenance.

Integration and Reuse: Distillation columns often integrate well with other industrial processes, allowing for heat and energy recovery. This reduces overall energy consumption and contributes to sustainable operation.

High Purity Products: Distillation excels at achieving precise separation of components in mixtures, even for complex ones. This allows for the purification of individual components to high levels, making them suitable for demanding applications like pharmaceuticals, food additives, and high-grade fuels.


TiFab Distillation Columns Certifications

We fabricate our distillation columns with both tray columns and packed columns, with internal trays and packing usually supplied by the customer (however our designs include support rings for trays or packing). TiFab builds distillation columns to meet ASME Section VIII Div 1 and 2, and PED certifications.

All mechanical engineering design for our distillation columns is carried out in-house with several design software at our disposal.  (PV-Elite, CodeCalc, Compress, etc.)

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