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From topsides of gravity based structures and FPSO ships to downstream refining operations, TiFab is the corrosion solution provider for the world’s largest oil and gas companies and contractors.  We custom design safe, efficient offshore equipment including:

  • titanium and nickel alloy shell & tube heat exchangers (sea water cooled)
  • titanium and nickel alloy filtration vessels
  • titanium course strainers
  • titanium and nickel alloy in-line pipe and tee strainers
  • titanium pipe spool fabrication and field welding

Over the past 20 years, we are seeing more and more operating companies switch over from copper nickel to titanium for their heat exchanger and piping needs due to reliability concerns.  We can help with your FEL1 or FEL2 stage system analysis to give you cost comparisons between various nickel alloys and titanium to meet your project needs.

For detailed list of products supplied, please visit our Products page, or contact someone from our sales team to help you today!



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