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TiFab manufactures titanium upflow tubes, cones, reducers, piping, and diffusers for bleach plants, as well as pressure vessels & exchangers for production of sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorate.


Materials of construction:

Pulp Mill Titanium Reboiler

Titanium has become the material of choice to eliminate corrosion problems in bleach plants throughout North America.  Solid titanium upflow and downflow tubes provide high reliability for chlorine dioxide bleaching stages compared to conventional acid brick lined steel or fiberglass.Titanium completely eliminates acid brick and grout failures and maintenance, and titanium eliminates fiberglass separation failures - providing great savings on your yearly maintenance budget.

Titanium Up Flow Tube

Our cone fabrication at the top of the bleach tower is a proprietary 3-flange design which is connects the cone in 120 or 180 degree sections.  Most cone fabrications go from the 7 to 9 ft inlet to a 18 to 22 ft outlet (same ID as the bleach tower) with no welding required at site.  

Titanium Fabrication Corp. has the largest titanium welding field crew in the world and performs repairs on diffusers, pipe, and other titanium equipment in bleach plants throughout North and South America. For information on our field services capabilities, visit our field services page. 



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