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FaroArm Coordinate Measuring Machine

Inspection is a critical element of TiFab’s success over the past 45 years, and we are very proud to utilize the FaroArm in all of our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspections.  The FaroArm is the world’s preeminent portable CMM that allows TiFab to quickly and easily verify both raw material product and fabricated product quality.  TiFab owns three of these devices that perform 3D inspections, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, and reverse engineering of complex alloy components. 


FaroArm Specs:

  • Able to measure dimensions within an accuracy of +/- 0.0008”

  • Can handle items as small as hardware and sizes up to 15 feet. Our Faro Arm can jump from one item to another with an error no greater than +/- 0.001”, which allows us to measure items up to 25 ft in length or more.

  • Can measure circularity, concentricity, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, true positioning, and straightness.

  • Extremely thorough reports that can be tailored to client’s specific wants and needs. The special feature of the report is the tolerance preference and true positioning. This allows TiFab to see what dimensions are in and out of tolerance and by how much.

TiFab performs CMM inspection services in our NJ headquarters for our internal projects, as well as external parts from our customers.

For information regarding Ti-Fab’s CMM services and pricing at our NJ facility, please contact:

Troy Bartley

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