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Our machines in Canada are not listed below because they mainly perform work in house to serve our fabrication division.

CNC Turning:

For precision turning and turning operations requiring multiple set-ups, we have a CNC lathe that can turn pieces 15” in diameter by 40” long and a CNC vertical turning center that can turn pieces 24” in diameter by 24” high.


CNC Turning Lathes (Qty 5)

Doosan v550 vert. Turning Lathe

 Doosan Puma GT2600l Lathe  Doosan Puma 300LC Horizontal Lathe  Doosan Puma 700XLY Horizontal Lathe Doosan Puma VTS1620M Lathe


New in 1999, 2005

Maximum swing: 31.5”

50 hp motor

X axis travel: 15.4”

Z axis travel: 30.7”

Max cutting height: 29.5”

Max cutting diameter: 28.7”

Fanuc control

(Quantity 2)


New in 2017

Max turning diameter: 18.11”

Bar capacity: 3”

Chuck size: 10”

Max turning length between centers: 39.4”

Fanuc control , 29.5 HP motor, 3500 RPM



New in 2000

Max turning diameter: 17.8”

Chuck size: 12”

Bar capacity: 4”

Max turning length between centers: 50.4”

Fanuc control , 35 HP motor, 2800 RPM


New in 2018

Max turning dia: 35.4”

Chuck size: 24” hydraulic

Bar capacity: 6”

Max turning length b/w centers: 198”

Fanuc control , 60 HP main motor, 1800 RPM

Z axis travel: 199”

X axis: 21.5”

Y axis: 7.86"

C axis travel: 0.001 degree indexing


New in 2017

Max turning dia: 78”

Chuck size: 63” hydraulic

Height: 60"

Manual Turning:

We have 3 manual lathes in NJ and 4 in Montreal, the largest of which was built in 1953 (to turn battleship gun barrels) and can turn up to 30” diameter by 372” long and has a 40.5” swing.  We also have an open-ended lathe for beveling pipes to 16” in diameter.

Manual Turning Lathes (Qty 3)

Cincinnati Hypro Manual Lathe

Monarch Manual Lathe TOS Manual Lathe, SN71C


New in 1949

Max turning diameter/swing: 89.5”

Max turning height: 67.5”

Digital readouts on both columns

Max rpm: 100


New in 1953

Max turning diameter: 40”

Chuck size: 32”

Bar capacity: 2.5”

Max turning length b/w centers: 446”

Digital readouts on both axes


Max turning diameter: 24”

Chuck size: 19.5”

Bar capacity: 2.5”

Max turning length b/w centers: 72”



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