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TiFab owns one of the largest CNC Water Jet tables on the East Coast, which can cut plates up to 30 ft long x 10 ft wide at one time.  We also have a second smaller machine to handle 12 ft x 6 ft plates.

The 5-axis head can put bevels on plate during the 60,000 psi cutting operation, saving valuable weld prep time during fabrication.  A clean bevel is paramount to a successful titanium or zirconium plate fit-up, and our waterjet machines provide us with that accurate and clean finish.  

TiFab will cut your supplied plate or sheet products, or you can have TiFab source your materials needs as well.  We stock all sizes of titanium, zirconium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel plate and sheet ranging from 3mm (0.118”) to 50mm (2”).  

Send us your CAD or SOLIDWORKS file and we can cut to your exact requirments, or send us a sketch and let our engineering staff program the cut for you.  

CNC WaterJet Cutting Advantages

Waterjet cutting is a clean, precise way to cut plate, sheet, flat bar, etc. into a wide range of patterns and shapes with no tooling costs. TiFab’s waterjet machines provide good edge quality, no burrs and eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes.  Our process also generates no heat as the plate is partially submerged so the material edge is unaffected and there is no distortion.

For a quotation on TiFab’s waterjet cutting services, please contact:

Troy Bartley

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