Machine Shop Services

Titanium Fabrication Corporation provides machine shop services in both our New Jersey headquarters and our Montreal division. We can manually turn tube sheets, body flanges, and the like in our three vertical boring mills, the smallest of which can turn 54” in diameter and the largest being able to turn 120” in diameter.

Manual Turning:

manual lathe machining

We have 6 manual lathes in New Jersey and 5 in Montreal, the largest of which was built in 1953 (to turn battleship gun barrels) and can turn to 30” diameter by 372” long and has a 40.5” swing. We also have an open-ended lathe for beveling pipes to 16” in diameter.

CNC turning:

For precision turning and turning operations requiring multiple set-ups, we have a CNC lathe that can turn pieces 15” in diameter by 39” long and a CNC vertical turning center that can turn pieces 24” in diameter by 24” high.

Milling and drilling:

We have over a dozen CNC and manual mills and drills of a variety of sizes and functions, including seven CNC milling centers in our New Jersey shop and two CNC Quickdrills™ in our Montreal shop, both of which can drill tube sheets faster than 20” per minute and greater than 13” thick. Of the seven CNC milling centers, two have 4-axis capability being able to rotate pieces over 60” in diameter. Our largest machining centers are a 3-axis CNC HBM with a 13-foot travel and a CNC vertical Quickmill™ with an 8’ x 20’ travel.

We have nine dedicated machinists in New Jersey and five in Montreal with several of our welders and fabricators also trained to turn nozzle lap rings and other routine machining operations.

Faro Arm CMM (coordinate measuring machine)

  • Able to measure dimensions within an accuracy of +/- 0.0008”
  • Can handle items as small as hardware and sizes up to 15 feet. Our Faro Arm can jump from one item to another with an error no greater than +/- 0.001”, which allows us to measure items up to 25 ft in length or more.
  • Can measure circularity, concentricity, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, true positioning, and straightness.
  • Extremely thorough reports that can be tailored to client’s specific wants and needs. The special feature of the report is the tolerance preference and true positioning. This allows TiFab to see what dimensions are in and out of tolerance and by how much.


waterjet cutting table

CNC controlled 96” x 24” waterjet table at both our NJ and Montreal divisions. Each can cut over 10” thick.

For information regarding Ti-Fab’s machine shop capabilities at either location, please contact:

USA Headquarters
Troy Bartley

Canadian Division
Peter Mah
514-334-5781 ext 284