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Custom Navy Components 

In addition to our world renown welding expertise, TiFab also has best in class machining capability for titanium and nickel alloy marine components.

Our process starts with the largest water jet machine on the atlantic seaboard, and continues through to turning machines, horizontal and vertical lathes, and through to drilling and milling machines.

Our 25,000 sq. ft. machine shop in our NJ headquarters is dedicated to serving our DOD customers.

Sizes range from small precision components, to up to 30 ft long milling equipment. TiFab performs CMM in house with multiple FARO Arms producing 3D imaging of each completed part, and performs tolerance checks within 0.001”.

TiFab fabricates our defense projects in adherence to:

  • NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 (MIL-STD-248) — Requirements for Welding and Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification
  • NAVSEA S9074-AR-GIB-010/278 (MIL-STD-278) — Requirements for Fabrication, Welding and Inspection, and Casting Inspection and Repair for Machinery, Piping, and Pressure Vessels
  • NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271 (MIL-STD-271) — Requirements for Nondestructive Testing Methods

Welding Processes:

  • GTAW (TIG)
  • GMAW (MIG)
  • SAW (Subarc)
  • PAW (Plasma)

For detailed information regarding our machine shop capabilities please visit our Machine Shop Capabilities page or Contact one of our sales managers today.



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