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Nickel Alloy Welded Assemblies

TiFab has been a trusted partner with the U.S. Navy shipbuilding contractors for over 30 years. Our technical team has worked with large shipbuilding contractors, as well as pump and valve manufacturers, on various nickel alloy welded assemblies.

We employ a combination of manual and automatic TIG and Plasma processes that are specifically tailored to the needs of each project. Titanium Fabrication has welded pump casings, valve bodies, diving tubes, and small tank assemblies on every U.S. nuclear submarine and air craft carrier built in the last 20 years.

Titanium Fabrication has approved Fabrication Plans per MIL-STD-278, and can weld to the highest standards for U.S. Navy Shipboard Applications. We have NAVSEA approval for various Inconel and Monel grades, per NAVSEA Technical Publication S9074-AR-GIB 010-278. TiFab also has all the corresponding NDE procedures approved, and security measures in effect per the latest DOD restrictions

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