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Titanium’s first major use in the industrial sector came about in the 1960’s as a solution to overhead condensers in refineries.  Since then, as titanium tubing prices have reached record lows, it has seen more and more growth as a solution to seawater and brackish water cooled heat exchangers.  And more recently, lower quality crude oil with increased levels of H2S and CO2 have pushed refineries to solve new corrosion issues – which usually leads to titanium tubes and channels, and even linings of scrubber sections. 

TiFab’s engineering team has seen this growth first hand over the past 45 years and can help you redesign the most cost effective solution for the issues in your plant.  Our staff has worked with the largest refining companies in North America, including ExxonMobil, Shell, Phillips 66, Valero, BP, Chevron, Flint Hills, CITGO, and Saudi Aramco.   

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